Descendants of Malachi Shoulders


Second Generation

JOHN (JACK) SHOULDERS, son of Malachi Shoulders and Mary (Polly) Gregory, was born between 1806 - 1810 in Smith Co, TN and died before 14 Jun 1860 in Smith Co, TN, before age 54. 

            Noted events in his life were:

  • Census M704-534: 1840, Smith Co, TN.  John Shoulders appears with (3) m under 5; (2) m 5-10; (1) m 10 – 15; (1) m 30 – 40; (1) f under 5; (1) f 5 – 10; (1) f 30 – 40 on Page 822, Line 11.
  • Land: Selling of Property, 09 Jul 1846, Peyton’s Creek, Smith Co, TN.  John Shoulders to Hugh McKinnis land on Peyton’s Creek purchased by Shoulders from Abel Gregory.  Signed by James Shoulders.  Witnesses:  James I. Gregory and Thomas Gregory.
  • Census M432-896: 14 Oct 1850, Smith Co, TN.  John Shoulders age 44 with wife Catherine age 44; Elizabeth age 19; Ensley age 18; Albert age 16; Thomas age 14; Mary A. age 12; John age 10; Martha S. age 5; Latetia age 3; Sally age 2 on Page 277, Line 912.
  • History of Trousdale County, Tennessee: 1991 compiled by O. Tom Allen in cooperation with Trousdale County Historical Society.  Copyright 1991 with Curtis Media Corporation.  Page 390, Shoulders, Malachi Family, F433.

JOHN SHOULDERS married first to CATHERINE ANN NASH about 1829.

Children from this marriage were:

  1. WILLIAM SHOULDERS was born about 1830 in Tennessee.  He married SARAH NASH on 17 Aug 1851 in Tennessee.
  1. ELIZABETH SHOULDERS was born about 1831 in Tennessee and died about 1869 in Smith Co, TN about age 38.  She married ISAIAH A. (IKE) WILLMORE on 23 Aug 1851 in Smith Co, TN.  They had five children:  Nancy, James M., Lucinda Jane, Mary and John Ira.
  1. ENSLEY SHOULDERS was born on 22 Jul 1832 in Tennessee and died on 07 Feb 1908 at age 75.  He married SARAH (SALLIE) CATHERINE BUIE, daughter of Daniel Buie and Susan (Unknown) on 04 Oct 1858 in Smith Co, TN. Sarah was born on 22 Oct 1840 and died on 21 Apr 1921.  They had twelve children:  Mary Susan (Dump), James M., Elnora, John Wilson, Elizabeth Ann (Betty), Tennessee (Tennie), Ira Peame, Cynthia Jane, Ronie Agnes, Delia Frances, Luna May and William Casper (Cass).
  1. ALBERT SHOULDERS was born about 1834 in Tennessee.  He married MARY JANE GREGORY on 01 Jul 1858 in Smith Co, TN.
  1. THOMAS SHOULDERS was born about 1836 in Tennessee.  He married MARGARET J. FOWLKES on 03 Jan 1856 in Davidson Co, TN.
  1. MARY SHOULDERS was born about 1838 in Tennessee.  She married JASON CHAFFIN on 23 Oct 1853 in Smith Co, TN.
  1. JOHN SHOULDERS was born about 1840 in Tennessee.  He married CELIA J. OLDHAM on 06 Jun 1858 in Tennessee.



Noted events in her life were:

  • Catherine (Kate or Katy) Boston was the daughter of CHRISTIAN BOSTON and RUTH (Unknown).  She married first to MAJOR GREGORY who was born in 1796 and died 1835.  She had two sons from this marriage, Stephen Calvin Gregory and Major J. Gregory.
  • Estate:  Heirs of Mrs. Sam Gregory, 01 Feb 1845, Smith Co, TN.  Catherine Shoulders and Lusia Gregory, heirs of Mrs. Sam Gregory, deceased, to Thomas Gregory for $70.00 interest in estate.  Signed by John Shoulders, Cathrine Shoulders, Louisa C. Gregory (shows Cathrine as wife of John).
  • Census M653-127: 14 Jun 1860 Smith Co, TN.  Catherine Shoulders age 36 is shown as head of household with daughters Martha T. age 16 and Latitia age 14 on Page 288, Line 338.


Children from this marriage were:

  1. MARTHA T. SHOULDERS was born 08 Dec 1844 in Tennessee and died 17 Jan 1921 in Trousdale Co, TN.  She married WILLIAM JESSE GREGORY about 1864 in Smith Co, TN.

  2. LUCRETIA (TISHA) SHOULDERS was born on 28 Jun 1847 in Tennessee and died 16 Dec 1912 in Smith Co, TN.  She married JOHN T. OLDHAM on 03 Nov 1881 in Smith Co, TN.  Have notes that she next married JAMES R. PATTERSON on 06 Nov 1902 in Trousdale Co, TN.